Getting to Know Celebrity Pilots

Celebrities gain a reputation for their sheer talent, extravagant lifestyles and the name they wear on the red carpet. Elaborate limousines and private jets are ready to whisk them away for an evening in Paris. While most enjoy the scenery along the way, there are a few who prefer to sit in the Pilots seat. We have seen them in Aviation roles in favorited films and movies, yet never knew they could fly the skies in real time. Without further ado, these Celebrity Pilots set a new brilliant standard for the Hollywood scene.

Morgan Freeman

An actor who is well versed in the arts also holds a pilot’s license. This fact makes us wonder if there is anything this famous actor can’t do. Dramatic scenes to side splitting comedies have shown us the diverse talents of Morgan Freeman. His early experience in the Airforce brought him to realize his flying dreams later in life at the age of sixty five years old.

Tom Cruise

Portraying the role of Maverick in Top Gun inspired Tom Cruise to obtain his Pilots license. The fast flying actor is known for playing daring characters. Live large or go home seems to be a fitting motto as he was dubbed “emissions impossible” by environmentalists. Known for his love of flying and consistent use of air travel, he is more than just a pilot…. We could say he is a fan.

Harrison Ford

Our very own adventurer pilots his own journeys across the skies. Harrison Ford was noted for soaring the stars as Hans Solo before he became the legendary Indiana Jones. With numerous films on his resume, he seems to truly enjoy the Aviation field. His heroic deeds move from the screens to real life as he assists in search and rescue efforts while flying his own helicopter.

John Travolta

This mega star has many talents. His moves and movies have been a household name for over twenty years. John Travolta is an all around guy who is funny, witty and flies planes for fun. Who knew this Hollywood icon could also rule the skies? Interestingly, Travolta’s path started in the air as he was flying planes before he flew his hot rod into the clouds on Grease.

Angelina Jolie

This well-known actress is best known for her beauty and kind heart. Her children seem to be her very own spotlight which inspired Angelina Jolie to also get her Pilots license. As a promise kept to her son, she has showed the world there is more to her than a stylish appearance. She is the proud owner of one of the fastest single engine aircrafts raising the bar for cool mom status.

Kurt Russell

Aside from being Goldie Hawn’s husband, Kurt Russell is an all-out movie star. His roles have made us laugh and cry in the many movies we have binge watched through the years. He is a well-versed Pilot who takes his heart of gold status a step further as a board member of  Wings of Hope.

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