How Females are Making a Difference in Aviation

The story of female aviation started in about the same time as the male aviation. We see that out dream of flying was reached only in the late 19th century. The first pilots were using some very primitive and unsafe planes, but this didn’t stop the brave ladies from getting in this filed. We have countless examples of women that decided to break all the stereotypes regarding the role of women in the society and decided to become pilots. Some of the best examples are Baroness de Laroche and Bessie Coleman. These ladies were pioneers in the aviation field and major supporters of the feminist movement. But many people contested the role of women in aviation over time. We have listed some of the ways ladies help our common good while on the plane.

Female sailors from Patrol Squadron 40 (from left) Petty Officer 3rd Class Jelinda Hill, Lt. J.G. Brianne Law, Airman Alyssa Perea, Petty Officer 2nd Class Rachel Fontaine.

Flight Schools

The flight schools were dominated by men for a very long time. The first female pilots managed to enter this field by fighting tremendously with all the stereotypes. For a long time, women were prohibited from becoming pilots because they were considered too sensitive and emotional for the harsh conditions in the air. But the recent studies showed that our ancestors were very wrong about this. Nowadays, women and men have equal rights when it comes to the flight school and the later work in the air. In the beginning there were limited spots in the flight schools but thanks to the work of some amazing female pilots and the lobby in the senate this changed.


Women pilots are now very respected in the aviation and they prove day after day that they are just as valuable as their male colleagues. The test proved that they are very skilled as commercial pilots because they are much gentler with landings and take-offs. Thanks to their work the shortage of pilots from the beginning of the 2000’s was solved. They proved that odd working hours and the change in hour is not affecting their work quality. This was one of the myths when women entered aviation. The family life may be affected by this, but they proved that they can do both.

In military aviation they proved to be excellent. They are much more vigilant in stressful moments and that they are extremely fast in taking decisions. Also, if the plane must be maneuvered in small areas, they are as natural as birds. They also introduced new techniques in aviation in general. Now, we see that there are many female teachers in the aviation schools and they introduced new learning methods that led to a better collaboration between male and female pilots.

All in all, female pilots are excellent leaders and they are very skilled in teaching others the art of flying. They introduced new aviation protocols that led to better flying conditions for commercial flights and for military missions. These brave ladies are truly our guardians when we are flying.

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