Small Planes That Are Best for New Pilots

There are several types of small planes that pilots can fly in. However, some of these planes are easier to fly than others. If you are a new pilot than you most likely want an airplane that is going to be easier for you to fly, and when you are first starting out you no doubt want a smaller plane as well. We will discuss here the best small planes for new pilots to fly in.

The Best of The Best

The Cessna 172 is considered by many to be the easiest plane of all for new pilots to fly in, and many flight schools consider this to be the best plane for people to learn to fly in. The Cessna 172 is a four-seater plane that is made in America. There have been several models of Cessna 172 designed and built over the years. This is a very popular plane that many pilots like to fly, and train in.

The Diamond DV20/DA20 Katana is a two-seater light aircraft that was designed in Austria. This airplane is a low-cost monoplane that is often used as a training aircraft at flight schools. For instance, Moncton Flight College in Canada uses a fleet of 35 Diamond DV20/DA20 Katana to train their students.

The American Champion Citabria is also a two-seater light aircraft that is a good choice for novice pilots. This is another popular choice of aircraft that was first designed and introduced many years ago in 1964. There have been many modifications made to the plane over the years.

Other Great Planes

The Piper PA-28 is a single engine plane with two seats and low mounted gear. It has a tricycle landing gear and is also quite an old design, having been first produced in the 1960s. There have been modifications to the basic plan of the aircraft and it remains a popular choice among private pilots and flight training schools. In fact, over 32,000 planes have been built over the years. The Cherokee 150 and 160 models were the original planes; the Piper PA-28 came about in 1962, which was only a few years after these first two planes were produced.

Cessna Company is well known among small plane enthusiasts, and the Cessna 150/152 are also good planes for new pilots to fly. The Cessna 150 has been a very popular plane with over 23,000 planes built over the years, since 1958 when it was first produced. This model was made after the Cessna 140 plane. This plane was made to be lighter and more aerodynamically built than the Cessna 140 was. Various models have been built with more recent 150 models also having a rear window present.

After the success of the 150 model, Cessna then built a newer model called the Cessna 152. This is a very popular flight training airplane because it is a very durable plane. It is also popular among private owners. This plane is no longer built but since they are so durable, many are still in use today by private pilots and flight schools alike.

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