The Story Behind Amelia Earhart

A Pilot

Amelia Mary Earhart is most famously known as a female airline pilot, or aviatrix. She was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. She died at the age of 39 doing what she loved, flying. Her airplane perplexingly disappeared in the Pacific Ocean while she was heading toward Papua New Guinea. There seemed to have been a disconnect with voice transmission between her aircraft and the Coast Guard Cutter Itasca as well. Sadly, an in-depth investigation to find any remains of Amelia Earhart, her plane, as well as her co-pilot Fred Noonan came up empty handed. Prior to her life of flying she had shown an interest in being outdoors and in inventing ways to have fun. Ironically, she was not at all interested in airplanes the first time she saw them. After some time had passed, she was a passenger for the first time in 1920 on a ten-minute flight. From that experience she knew she wanted to learn how to fly her own airplane. Consequently, as she grew into adulthood she had little interest in being just a homemaker, the common fate of women in her era.  She clearly enjoyed adventure and craved to see and do more than what the four walls of a marital house could offer her. That being said, she did marry. She married a man who encouraged her ambitions.

Personal Life

On February 7, 1931 Amelia Earhart married George P. Putnam. Their marriage was not traditional at all but worked well for them. They both worked and contributed towards the family and were also allowed to pursue their own goals and hobbies, all while supporting each other. That support is what made their relationship work so well. George was in publishing and had worked on books regarding aviation and even helped Amelia write her own book regarding one of her flights as well. Possibly the first book she ever compiled was a scrapbook made up of people, mostly women, of interest to her. As a young person she collected these stories and photos from newspaper clippings and compiled them together in a scrapbook of ambition. These told of people who had made an impact, a difference or stood out in their field. They weren’t all women, but a large majority were. These real-life stories no doubt had an impact on her and fueled her desire to stand out, to set records and to fly airplanes. To try what others at the time didn’t think possible or proper. And, perhaps that is why Amelia Earhart stands out even today. Amelia Earhart followed her passions. Her path was not always easy, there were health issues, broken airplanes, inclement weather and the excitement and stress that comes with fame. Nonetheless, she kept true to what made her happy, to accomplishing goals she wanted to achieve. While she was unable to complete what was to be her last flight, her inspiration has not waned. She followed her own path and made history along the way.


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