Three Amazing Aviation Museums You Have to See

Airplanes are intriguing with a telling tale behind every craft. The sites they have seen and the pilots who flew them offer a captivating history throughout the years. From wars to monumental events and personal trips, airplanes have seen the furthest corners of the globe. Often times, a plane will be impaired past restoration or valiantly retired from their adventures. Museums hold a walkthrough of time with the basis of a specified theme. Science, art or cultural settings are the main three topics you will find. Aviation enthusiasts dare to dream as there are also several exhibits and displays across the map that are dedicated to the many details of airplanes and pilots.

National Museum of the United States Airforce

Formed in 1923 in Ohio stands the oldest and one of the largest military Aviation Museum in the entire world. Officially located on the Wright-Patterson Airforce base, it is also the formal Museum of the United States Airforce. Over one million visitors annually come to see the collections the museum displays. With an approximate number of 360 air crafts, there is an interesting historical premise that is found. Among the planes, is the one who transported President Kennedy the day he was assassinated. The B-29 Superfortress is another popular item on the agenda. The B-29 is the same that dropped an atomic bomb over Nagasaki.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Exploring the span of aviation includes the concepts of time and space. The Smithsonian is by far the most expansive collection of aircraft found in any country worldwide. The museum features a bright futuristic approach with tremendous pride for the achievements and accomplishments in the aviation field. You will find the Wright Flyer innovated by the Wright Brothers, the space Shuttle Discovery, and the Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia are exciting on site attractions. More than 60,000 exhibits and over 2 million photographs are dynamically on display receiving a raving 7 million visitors annually.

Pima Air and Space Museum

If you are looking for size or speed in an aircraft, the Prima Air and Space museum is your stop. 127 acres are filled with aviation treasures. Situated in Arizona, they also are the largest restoration facility and the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame. A range of 300 planes and crafts are on display including the SR-71 Blackbird and the X-15. The Blackbird is the fastest spy plane in the world with the X-15 being the fastest aircraft. Among the need for speed is the prominent Presidential planes and historical tributes that are noted across the scene. Filled with pride, history and the integrity of Aviation, these museums are among many around the world. Weaving the ingenious beginning with the technological waves of the future, you can count on updated displays to mingle with yesterday. These locations are perfect for aspiring aviators, enthusiasts and fans of all ages.

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